Third Post Writers Block

Dear whoever is out there,

I’ve hit a brick wall. The blank screen of my lap top has been screaming at me but I have nothing to say back. It’s quite sad really, I couldn’t even make it past my third post… It’s not a lack of stories or words but rather a lack of organisation in my head. It’s like I have all these outstanding anecdotes but when I go to type them out they disappear into the abyss that is my mind. Unable to track them down I decided to break my mindless nothingness with well nothingness. Fight fire with fire as they say. A blog about not knowing what to put in a blog… So much has happened, from crazy house parties to mortifying encounters with stranger that I could write a book about the past few days but the problem is; between my lack of writing ability and sudden sickness of not knowing what to say I can’t exactly get it out right. I’ve realized that everyone you meet has great stories. The difference between those you believe don’t have interesting stories and those you believe do is the simple fact that if you don’t know how to tell a story then the story is going to be shitty. Therefore I don’t want to ruin my good stories simply because of the fact that I don’t know how to tell them properly. I will work on this dilemma I’m facing but in the mean time I’ll tell you a short little something about my day…

Today I woke up uncharacteristically late. I physically got out of bed at 8:16 with only 4 minutes to dress, brush my teeth, do something with my hair and collect my books. In my distracted and pressed morning I forgot one very essential thing. You see the dangers of dressing half asleep is that your brain doesn’t double check that you have the necessities and your body is too stupid to know what’s right. This can lead to a very awkward day of walking around completely gitchless. Yes I did say gitchless. For those of you who need translation, here are a few words that you might understand; commando, panty less, without undies, ex nayed on the undergarmettay’s… or my personal fav going free muffing. For a solid 5 hours of walking, talking, and going to both class and to lunch I had nothing on my bottom but a cute pair of American Eagle jean shorts. It was a worrisome day but also an oddly liberating day. I don’t encourage you to go through life without wearing your granny panties but if you find yourself in a similar situation don’t be afraid to take a minute and say to yourself “I’m standing in a public area, and I am more naked than most people here.” My thought to live by is, everything happens for a reason so enjoy life as it comes.



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