Silent Room Ringtone

Dear whoever is out there,

So today I was sitting with Emilia in a large lecture theater accompanied by about 700 eager students and one of the most avoidable yet unbearably humiliating thing happened. Em and I were late for class so we had to sit directly in the front since literary every other seat was taken… We quickly got out our books and began to frantically scribble down whatever was on the projector. I was in such a rush that I had no time to settle in and do things like take my jacket off, sharpen my pencil or turn the volume off on my phone –can you guess what happens next?- About 45 minutes went by and all is good, I checked my Facebook, filled in all my margins with doodles and because I was feeling extra productive I had even finished copying down the note. Then strangely I begin to hear the Rocky Balboa theme song. At first I just thought it was in my head but then the music started to get louder… and louder and finally I realized that that was my ringtone! I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, and to my disappointment I saw 700 pairs of eyes beating down on me like the sun on a desert. Then in one clumsy, desperate movement I flung my phone out of my bag, juggled it in my hands for an awkward few seconds and swiped to turn it off. Thankfully I am the most pale skinned person ever so everyone could also see my embarrassment through my red hot checks –like the curly hair and freckle’s aren’t enough-. Afterwards I scrunched so far into my seat I could almost feel the plastic frame mold to my body. The professor was really nice about it though and only lectured the class for 5 minutes about how rude it is when your phone goes off in class…

Now I can say that I was one of those people… great… Note to self –and all of you- no matter how busy you are or late, DO NOT leave the ringer of your phone on! I am proud of myself though, I went a whole 2 hours this morning before having another one of my classic “Lou’s embarrassing moments”. I should paten my own brand and print it on t-shirts with an apology to anyone that was a witness. If you have ever been a victim, or have seen someone be a victim of the silent room ringtone please comment and share your battle wounds! Well I’m sure there are many more “Lou moments” to come so stay tuned!



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