Hi, nice to meet you. I’m a Girl Named Lou

Dear whoever is out there,

To begin. My story is ongoing, day to day events that have no moral or grand meaning. I began this blog for the soul purpose of entertaining others and in some way to make me feel as if someone is interesting in the shit I do. Take whatever you will out of this blog and if it bring joy, inspiration, laughter, or any other sentiment then I will be satisfied. To ensure the discretion of both myself and those around me I will be changing the names and locations but please know that for the most part these are the strange and unfortunate stories of my life.

First off I’m gonna drop the formality. If I’m gonna write anything for more than two blogs then I’m going to have to stop checking over my sentence structure and grammar every 2 seconds, therefore in advance I apologize for the sad writing handy cap that I am.

I have chosen the name Lou to be my alias for two reasons, first I’m a bit of a Johnny Cash (if you don’t get the connection listen to the song a boy named  sue) and second because my name is also a boys’ name so it makes some stories easier to get the point across. I have also chosen the names Emilia for my good friend and roommate, Carter for my older brother, Celeste for my younger sister and the rest you’ll find out later. I hope you enjoy and if you don’t then stop reading and find something else to do.




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